Donations to Community Hope help us sustain the housing and daily support services we provide each and every day to over 300 individuals in dire need.

In making a contribution, you can make a difference in the lives of these individuals who rely on us for essential services, safe shelter and hope in their recovery:

  • Young people aging out of the State’s foster care system who are alone in this world as they struggle with mental illness and years of neglect and abuse.

  • Veteran families recently homeless or at risk of losing their homes and requiring social services.

  • Homeless veterans whose battles with mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse have left them isolated and destitute.

  • Individuals, whether they have spent months or years in public institutions, experiencing renewed hope as a result of our residential programs.

  • When making a donation, consider that your gift can provide the following this year:

  • $50 covers the cost of food for a homeless veteran in our Hope for Veterans® Program for a week.

  • $100 subsidizes housing for youth in our Young Adult Residence.

  • A $500 donation underwrites on-site counselors at our twenty-four hour residential programs.

Respecting our Donor's Privacy:
Community Hope does not sell, trade or share our donors' personal information.

Community Hope is a 501(c(3) organization and donations are tax-exempt to the extent allowed by law. Information filed under the New Jersey Charitable Registrations Act concerning this charitable organization may be obtained from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs by calling 1-800-242-5846.