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22nd Annual Flag Day 5K and Fun Walk!

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Flag Day 5k Run and Fun Walk 2020 Memorial & Honor Tributes

Randolph Memorial Post 7333 VFW
Mr. Ernesto Rojas
Mr. Bruce Silver
In Honor of Brothers AlbaneseMs. Donna Albanese
In Honor of Sergio Raul BermeaMs. Lisa Bellak
In Honor of Edward and Lynann CampbellMr. Dennis Campbell
In Honor of Austin CanningMs. Leah Canning
In Memory of Thomas FuimoJohn Fuimo
In Honor of James GradyThomas F. Grady, Sr
In Honor of James GradyKnight of Columbus Council 5437
In Honor of Larry HazelMs. Shevonne Hazel-Beasley
In Honor of John IannettaMr. and Mrs. Lynn and Scott Baker
In Honor of John IannettaVijay Paliwal
In Honor of Mikolaw MelnykMr. Daniel Melnyk
In Honor of Fred MillerMs. Dorothy Day-Miller
In Honor of Alexander MorseMr. Frederick Miller
In Honor of Will ShearerMs. Chau Shearer
In Memory of Umberto Arena & John StellatoMrs. Amelia Arena
In Memory of Charles E. SivcoMs. Joan A. Loume
In Honor of William WatsonMs. Trina Georgi
Mr. and Mrs. Ellen and Greg Bahtiarian
Deo Family-Verona
Ms. Karen Campbell
Mr. Scott Carafello
Mrs. Kathleen Day
Garwood Knights of Columbus
The Honorable Thomas Giblin
Mr. and Mrs. John F and Mary E Iannetta
Ms. Jessica Iannetta
Ms. Diana Lunt
Mr. Joe Rutecki
Mr. Frederick Miller
Mr. Joseph Minitell
Mr. Scott Mitzner
Mr. Bruce Silver
Mr. John Surano
Mr. Brian Wagner
William Blair & Co.
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Yarnis
Ms. Jennifer Zimmer
Ms. Sarah Zimmer
In Honor of Mrs. Aimee BracaLoius Braca
In Honor of James GradyMr. and Mrs. Larry & Jeanne Kelly
In Honor of Anthony ItalianoMs. Nancy Vence
Mr. Carmine Deo
Mr. Dennis Woodard
Ms. Sarah Zimmer
In Honor of Arthur CaucegliaMs. Alexa Cauceglia
In Honor of Gerald DeWittMs. Debra DeWitt
In Honor of Donald GeimanMr. David Geiman
In Honor of James GradyKnight of Columbus Council 5437
In Honor of Rickey LoDicoMrs. Marissa Fanelli
In Honor of Fred MillerMs. Mary Feeley
In Honor of John PasterMs. Debra DeWitt
In Honor of Donald RobertsonLisa Robertson
In Honor of Paul RusnakMs. Carol Rusnak-Cauceglia
In Honor of Bob SkavronMr. Michael Amdur
In Honor of Dennis WoodardMr. Matthew Woodard
In Honor of Richard Francis WrabackMs. Natalee Crowley
In Honor of Richard Francis WrabackMadhuri Myneni
Mrs. Margaret Banko
Ms. Raffalina Deo
Mr. Stephen Gundersen
Mr. and Mrs. Susan & Jose Perez
Mr. Bob Peterson
Ms. Leslie Workman
In Memory of Stanley BazydloMs. Vanessa Bazydlo
In Honor of Charles CannonMr. Stuart Persky
In Honor of Julius KoinskyMr. Brian Swedish
In Honor of Dave LeggeriMr. Rickey LoDico
In Honor of Joseph W. SchubertAT&T
In Honor of Bob SkavronMs. Barbara LoDico
In Honor of Anthony SoaresMs. Irene Cicalese
In Honor of Richard Francis WrabackMs. Nancy ODonnell
In Honor of Richard Francis WrabackSwathi Veluri
Ms. Rachel Brede
Ms. Holly Dakos
Ms. Angela DAries
Ms. Kristen Deo
Garwood Knights of Columbus
Ms. Debra Gelman
Ms. Lauren Giacone
Teri Gibilisco
Ms. Melissa Hayes
Mr. Lloyd Drummond James
Ms. Maureen Johnson
Mr. Manny Lopez
Mr. Christopher Masterson
Mrs. Susan G Masterson
Mr. and Mrs. Giovanna and John McCorkell
Ms. Tija McDaniels
Mr. Chris Orie
Mr. Lorenzo Petrucci
Ms. Jennifer Stivers
Mr. and Mrs. Russ & Vernette Stivers
Mr. Peter Strahan
Ms. June Zeringue
Mr. Ms. Doreen Zilli

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