Mental Health Programs

Through our Transitional Housing Programs, individuals experiencing a recent psychiatric hospitalization or relapse receive the support they need from our professionally trained and dedicated staff to continue their recovery in the community.

These programs include:

  • Twenty-Four Hour Supervised Community Residences offering individuals around-the- clock support and intensive services.

  • Daily Supported-Living Apartments provide individuals with daily counseling and medication monitoring as they graduate from the need for 24-hour support.

  • Respite Care is provided for residents in need of additional support in the event of a relapse.

The focus of the services we provide is wellness and recovery, helping individuals learn to manage their illness; set goals and strive to meet them; and resume a productive life. Residents are encouraged to attend rehabilitation programs, pursue further education, employment or vocational programs, or volunteer their time.

The service delivery plan is individualized for each Community Hope resident, offering as much or as little support as an individual requires in the following areas:

  • Daily Living Assistance Counselors teach the daily living and social skills essential to living within a home and a community.

  • Case Management Linkage to behavioral health and medical care and community based services ensures a continuum of care and quality support.

  • Medication Monitoring For most of our residents, medication is crucial to recovery and daily functioning. Staff monitor medications, educate residents about the need for prescribed drugs and coordinate medical appointments.

  • Crisis Intervention In the event of a relapse, our crisis intervention team helps the individual minimize or avert hospitalization.

  • Social Skills Enhancement Counselors work with our residents to enhance their social skills and self-esteem in social settings.

  • Recreational and Social Activities Our staff organize and involve residents in regular recreational activities that promote socialization and healthy life style choices.

  • Transportation Services

    To download a referral form for our Transitional Housing Program, please click here.
    Please fax referral forms to our confidential clinical fax at (973) 463-0086

    To speak with a Community Hope staff member about a referral, call 973-463-9600 extension 325.