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Community Support Services

Our Community Support Services Program offers mental health rehabilitation and support services that assist each individual in attaining the skills necessary to achieve their wellness and recovery goals.

Supportive services planning

Our support team works with each resident to develop a plan that focuses on the type and amount of support services the individual needs to succeed in their housing.

On-site support

Counselors provide on-site support – typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis — to help individuals successfully transition to permanent supportive housing.

Case Management

Linkage to behavioral health and medical care and community based services ensures a continuum of care and quality support.

Skill development training

Skills development is provided with the primary goal of helping residents develop the full array of life skills that are essential for successful community living, including housecleaning; grocery shopping and laundry; money management skills; use of available transportation; meal planning and preparation; personal hygiene; and illness self-management.

Mental health medication and illness self-management

A plan is developed to help each consumer monitor their symptoms; track early warning signs; develop coping skills and prepare a plan to prevent or minimize a relapse.

Physical healthcare linkages

Our staff ensures that individuals have access to medical and dental care, including routine care, prevention and wellness services.

Crisis Intervention

In the event of a relapse, our crisis intervention team helps the individual minimize or avert hospitalization.

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To speak with a Community Hope staff member about this program, call 973-463-9600 extension 340. Or contact us online to learn more!

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