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The Family Partnership

Partnering With Families To Create Housing-Plus-Services.

Founded by family members, Community Hope realizes the difficulties faced by families who are overburdened in attempting to provide the intensive support services required for an individual with a serious mental illness.

The reality is that there are not enough beds available.

Shorter lengths of inpatient stays and the downsizing of public hospitals are increasing competition for the limited supply of supported housing available in the community. The referrals we are receiving are more urgent than previously, particularly from parents who are concerned about their adult child’s future: Where will they live and who will assist them in their daily living when they are no longer around. Other families are looking for how their family member can establish a degree of autonomy within the security of a supported housing residence.

Community Hope is working with families to explore creative ways to address the need for housing-plus-services.

Our partnership with other families have enabled them to realize their goal of ensuring that their family member will have a home with essential services for as long as needed.

We envision ways in which to help families meet their objectives.

For example, organizations such as those serving the developmentally disabled have successfully partnered with families to acquire a home for their children and provide daily on-site support staff. Our goal is to provide this service for families of the mentally ill. We offer families the experience of thirty-four years of delivering quality support services, securing residences, and operating safe, attractive homes in the community.

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To speak with a Community Hope staff member about this program, call 973-463-9600 extension 320. Or contact us online to learn more!

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