Our Organization
Mission Statement

Helping individuals, including veterans, and their families, overcome mental illness, addiction, homelessness and poverty by providing housing and support services.

Vision Statement

Community Hope will provide the highest quality service to individuals – including veterans – and their families affected by mental illness, addiction, poverty, and homelessness. We will be the leader in developing and operating comprehensive housing and support programs to ensure the optimal well-being for all those we serve. These programs will be guided by the individual’s needs and choices. Organizational growth will be accomplished by maximizing public and private support.

Statement of Philosophy

Community Hope believes all persons with serious mental illness have the potential to live successfully in the community if they are able to view their future with hope. The elements critical to creating an attitude of confidence in their own future are encompassed in a holistic approach that looks to the total needs of the individual. They include:

     • Accepting each individual as they are, recognizing and making allowances for differences.
     • Providing care that accommodates the unique needs of each person.
     • Allowing the individual to make choices which are relevant to her/his own goals.
     • Encouraging each individual to grow to his/her maximum potential individually and socially.